A Home Addition is exactly as it sounds, it is an addition to an already-existing home. This can be an extension of a home for a Bathroom, Bedroom, Office, Pool House, Garage or whatever extra room you are considering adding to your home.
A home addition is a great way to make your home larger, more luxurious and even worth more if you are looking to sell in the future.
As with any construction that we do here at Bendix Builders, we follow 100% of OSHA rules, take your safety and our team's safety extremely seriously and build your space in a way that is "green" and sustainable.



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A room addition to a home can be anything from a new bathroom, bedroom, office, storage space or anything else that you would like or need to add to your home. This, like any home addition, will make your home larger and even worth more money if you are looking to sell your home in the future.
Room additions are perfect for a mother-in-law suite or even a new baby to the family!

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Poolhouses, much like a room addition, will add value to your home.
Of course, having a pool on your property already makes your home a more comfortable and luxurious place to be but a poolhouse just puts that cherry on top. A pool house is perfect for storage of pool toys, chemicals, lawn equipment and more and is attractive to the eye, no matter where it's located around the pool.

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A garage, whether it is attached or not, just like any home addition, increases the value of your home and makes your space just that much more attractive. It gives you the option to store cars, home decor, tools, lawn equipment and other motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles, jet skis, etc.


A Three Season Room adds a level of comfort to your home like never before. Kick back and relax, no matter what season it is, all the while, taking a look out over the sun shining upon the flowers, the snow falling over the lawn or the leaves plunging from the tree branches. This home addition, like all others, makes your home obviously larger and increases home value.

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