Here at Bendix Builders, we offer an extensive line of construction services (for both residential and commercial projects) however, one of the areas we excel is building Custom Homes. Bendix has an exceptional reputation for New Home Construction in Michiana. We start, quite literally, from the ground up in building your new home... with you contributing to the design along the way. We begin with experienced designers who render 3D designs so that, you can easily see what your new home will soon look like. Once you're happy with the design and it is approved we move on to the actual construction process and begin building your new home in the location of your choosing.
Bendix New Homes homes typically range anywhere from $300,000 to $750,000, however, those prices can vary depending on what you want. Our prices can include everything in the homestead from just home construction to the development of outdoor living areas, out-buildings (sheds, barns, and guest houses) to fencing, extensive walkways and patios, retaining walls... the sky is certainly the limit.


We Care About Green!
We care about this country and the world that we live in, so we always ensure that our buildings are constructed in as "green" as manner possible. We always score Extremely high on the HERS scale.
We use advanced frames (less wood, more insulation) and are always IRSC approved. 
From acquiring the land to performing surveys, from the design and creative planning to the engineering, from permitting all the way through the final construction... Bendix Builders does it all... and does it right.



If you are in need of a Custom Home Builder in Michiana & would like to see our work, check out our Portfolio ​​​​​​


Bendix Custom Homes are exactly that, completely custom. What you want, where you want... we will build your custom home with a single purpose... to make you our next happy Bendix New Home Customer! Once we have your ideas on paper (or more specifically drawn as a rendering), we begin to obtain permits, survey the land, start the design and engineering, and then, of course, start building. We follow 100% of OSHA rules and keep your area safe for not only you but for our team, and everyone else as well.

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Our team will initially sit down with you to begin a 3D design and rendering of what you want to build so that you can, metaphorically, walk through your new, unbuilt, home. This design comes from your wants, needs, ideas, and dreams for your home. These renderings will be made easily accessible to you through any computer. This is the beginning of your dream home.

To see examples of our finished projects, check out our Portfolio here


Bendix Custom Homes start in the $250 a square foot range and will typically range total from $300,000 to $750,000. We value our customers and our customers' time so we never hide fees and are always upfront and honest about all costs at the very beginning of each and every project, and all along the way.

Your custom home can include everything that you imagine. From home to landscaping, hardscaping, outdoor living areas, even barns and sheds, guest houses, and pavilions or pergolas. entire homestead!
We always build with "green" in mind, assuring a healthy environment for you and your family. Bendix Builders homes score extremely high on the HERS scale, every time, while still maintaining competitive pricing for our customers. This is just one more thing that will keep you happy... and make us proud.

Our intent is to ensure that every step of your Bendix Custom Home building experience is enjoyable and rewarding... from start to finish!


Bendix Spec-Built Homes are a little bit different than a traditional custom-built homes due to the fact that we at Bendix Builders, do all of the design work and then either sell the home to a potential homeowner or something such as a neighborhood association. These spec-built homes are typically slightly cheaper than a custom home and cannot be customized to your exact specifications, hence the more inexpensive home.
Spec-built homes typically start at $200 per square foot whereas a custom-built home typically starts at around $250 per square foot.

Whatever it is that you're looking to accomplish, here at Bendix, we are more than happy to provide you with a free quote.
This will help get the initial planning process started so that we can turn your dreams into reality.
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