Remodeling a home is a fun and interactive experience between the customer and the construction company as remodels are often extremely customized by the consumer. This will be the turning point between living in a house and living in your dream home, as we are turning your space into exactly what you want. From new floors and freshly painted walls to new appliances and gorgeous fan lights, we will work hand-in-hand together to create your real-life fantasy home.


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Here at Bendix Builders, our main objective is to accomplish your dreams through design and construction which includes whole home remodels. 
Whole home remodels are exactly what it sounds like... If your space is currently not up to your standard, we can fix it! We will go in and remodel your bathrooms, bedrooms, shared spaces, offices, kitchen and even your basement to fit your lifestyle and physical style itself.

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If you are looking to remodel just one room in your home, the kitchen is a wonderful place to start. As a shared space, occupants of the home and guests alike will see and spend time in your kitchen whether it be socially or for a meal gathering. Of course, you want to wow your friends and family and show them exactly who you are. And what better way than personalizing your kitchen to fit your personality?

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A bathroom, being a shared space that is used daily between you, the other occupants of your home and even your home's guests, should feel comfortable and maybe even a little bit exciting. A bathroom remodel is the perfect way to make you feel at home and also a great way to increase the value of your home.
Add a shower to turn your half bathroom into a full bathroom or maybe even a tub to bathe rather than just shower.

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A basement is one of the best rooms in a home to remodel. Oftentimes, basements are either half-finished or not finished at all, leaving a space in your home that is bare and maybe even unattractive. Remodeling a basement can give you that space in your home, and life. Simply hiding exposed wires and poles with insulated walls, adding nice flooring over once cemented grounds and even maybe a game area can be the difference between a house and a home.

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Whatever it is that you're looking to accomplish, here at Bendix, we are more than happy to provide you with a free quote.
This will help get the initial planning process started so that we can turn your dreams into reality.
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