Adding an Outdoor Living Area will add value and luxury to your home and your life overall. Giving this area of your home some extra room and a nice face-lift, adding this space will naturally help you, your family and your friends create long-lasting memories for years to come.
In addition to our beautiful, durable and established decks, patios, porches, four seasons room and more, we offer our customers a wide variety of choices. And who doesn't like to have choices?
From a Composite deck to a Hardwood or Softwood Patio, gorgeous aluminum railings, wood, cable or glass railings and more, you are sure to find the perfect design for you and your home!


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Our Decks are fully customizable when it comes to size, material, color and even type of railing. Choose your base from either Hardwood, Softwood or Composite, depending on what your goal for a deck is. Choose whatever color you want, whether it matches your home or your personality! Even choose what kind of railing you want from either cable, aluminum, glass or wood. 
When it comes to Decks, here at Bendix Builders, we can either do new Deck builds, Deck Remodels or Deck Maintenance.

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Adding a Patio to your home increases not only the value of your home but also the space of your home. A Patio can be either fully outdoor is partially closed in, depending on what you're looking for. And, much like a Deck, our Patios are fully customizable from the foundation (wood or composite), color and size so that you receive exactly what you are looking for.

To see more examples of our Patios, Decks and Porches, check our Portfolio here


Whether you are looking to build a new Porch onto your home or just need a Porch facelift (remodel or maintenance), here at Bendix Builders, we have got you covered!
A Porch is famously known for comfort and beauty. Many porches are used for spring and summer morning relaxation sessions between friends and families and hold endless amounts of memories.
If you are looking to add a new Porch or need help with remodeling or maintenance including flooring, color, or extensions, you've come to the right place.

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The Four Seasons Rooms that we build here at Bendix Builders are the perfect addition to any home. They not only enhance the overall value of one's home but they also can enhance the value of life. With this addition, you and your family and friends can now enjoy every season that life gives to you, all the while, staying warm and cozy in the safety of your own home. With a nice air flow for the hotter months and heat for the colder ones, this is always the best spot in the house for relaxing!

To see more examples of our Four Seasons Rooms, check our Portfolio here


A Three Seasons Room is tremendously similar to a Four Seasons Room other than the fact that there is no heat run to the area. Meaning this addition is made best for Spring, Summer and Fall. 
Beautiful, comfortable and safe, a Three Seasons Room built by Bendix Builders is yet another wonderful addition to one's home.

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Whether you are looking to add a fence to keep your pet in, to distinguish your property line, for more property privacy or just for looks, we know how to build the perfect one! Our fences are fully customizable by size, material and color and will even enhance the value of your property! 
Stay safe and secure with a Fence by Bendix!


An Outdoor Kitchen is the perfect way to enhance the feel of your home and even its value. With this addition, feel free to fully customize its design and characteristics. From an outdoor stove and grille to wineracks, bar rails, sinks and island tops, this beautiful addition may just be that change you have been looking to make for your home!

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A simple yet gorgeous addition to any home, Walkways can truly intensify the picture of your home. From beautiful landscaping and perfectly stamped concrete to lighting and other natural designs, we at Bendix are happy to make your Residential or Commercial Walkways a dream come true!


If your land is in need of extra foundational support due to the earth moving downhill from erosion, a Retaining Wall may be what you are looking for. Here at Bendix Builders we carefully investigate the site of erosion so that we can accurately correct the issue by adding a Retaining Wall. 
In addition, not only are Retaining Walls great for fixing natural problems but they can also add beauty to your land. In our meticulous designs, we look to add characteristics that fit your personality and your home or business's overall look.

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If you already have your very own Outdoor Living area and are just in the market for repair and or maintenance, Bendix Builders can help with that, as well. We take any condition Outdoor Living Area and turn them into a new one. From replacing baseboards and full foundations of Decks, Patios and Porches to repainting fences, securing foundations or more, we can do it all. No longer will you feel the need to walk across your outdoor area on tip-toes in worry of falling through or having to cook in an outdated outdoor kitchen.
We care for the stability, durability and longevity in everything we do including the repair and maintenance of Outdoor Living Centers.

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Whatever it is that you're looking to accomplish, here at Bendix, we are more than happy to provide you with a free quote.
This will help get the initial planning process started so that we can turn your dreams into reality.
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